Claire Dimond

Claire is the STEM Manager at Graphic Science, responsible for providing support to schools, and managing a large cohort of STEM Ambassadors (volunteers from research and industry who) through the regional STEMNET contracts for the Bristol, Bath and Somerset region, as well as the Gloucestershire region.

Before taking on her current position Claire worked for Cheltenham Festivals Ltd where she helped to produce the first Cheltenham International Science Festival which took place in St Louis, Missouri in the USA.

Before this time she worked as the Science Enterprise Communications Officer at The Oxford Trust where she was responsible for coordinating a variety of projects that aimed to promote and engage different audiences in science and enterprise. Claire spent much of her time designing and managing events and activities to bring together businesses and schools. As part of this role she was also the regional coordinator for the Nuffield Bursary Scheme for Schools.

Claire is also a trained facilitator, with experience of facilitating discussions on a wide variety of subjects to audiences as diverse as the Women’s Institute and school students.

In 2004, Claire completed her MSc in Science, Culture and Communications at the University of Bath. Her undergraduate degree was a BSc in Biochemistry, taken at the University of East Anglia.

Being surrounded by other scientists means you can sometimes lose perspective on what you’re doing and why. The Training Group helped me place my research in the bigger picture and make it more accessible to others.

Alf Hill
PhD Student at the University of Bath’s Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies, Cohort 2