Louise Webb

Louise is the Training and Project Development Consultant at Graphic Science, where she leads on development and management of Graphic Science’s training activities, including those delivered through ‘The Training Group’.

She has worked in the public engagement community for over 11 years.  Before taking on her current role, Louise was Head of Skills Development at the UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres (formerly Ecsite-uk).  She has developed effective, up-to-date communication skills training packages for a wide range of organisations (including EPSRC, STFC, Wellcome Trust, Institute of Physics (IoP), Royal Academy of Engineering, Science Learning Centre North West, Ecsite-uk members, Careers Wales, Girlguiding UK, Techniquest, and the British Science Association). She was also responsible for the development and management of projects including the national Go For It! with sciZmic science and space projects as well as the coordination of large-scale events (e.g. NSEW launch Wales).

Louise is also a Chartered Chemist and was previously a member on the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Committee for the Promotion of Chemistry to the Public. She has a BSc, MPhil (industry funded) and PhD (EU funded) in Chemistry, each from the University of Cardiff. She also has a diploma in Science Communication from the Birkbeck College in London.

Louise is the main point of contact for The Training Group, so if you are interested in booking a course, give Louise a ring on 01275 474444 or email her at: louise@graphicscience.co.uk

The Royal Academy of Engineering is driven by four strategic challenges, one of which is to 'promote engineering at the heart of society'. We have worked successfully with The Training Group to provide public engagement training for our most promising young engineers so that they can be more effective ambassadors for the engineering profession.

Professor Matthew Harrison
Director of Education at The Royal Academy of Engineering