Royal Academy of Engineering’s ELAs

Providing support for researchers, early in their careers:
The case of training for the Royal Academy of Engineering’s ELAs (Engineering Leaderships Awardees)

We were asked to develop and deliver a public engagement workshop for undergraduate engineers, at the beginning of their careers, involved in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Engineering Leadership Awards (ELAs) scheme.

In 2008 the Royal Academy of Engineering contracted The Training Group to provide a series of one-day workshops for engineering undergraduates on their Engineering Leadership Awards (ELAs) scheme.

The course was designed to support engineers in the early stages of their careers, with the aim of embedding the motivation and skills required to engage with the public early on.

The workshop contained sessions on different communication skills and techniques, giving an overview of the engagement community and potential opportunities open to young engineers with an interest in public engagement.

The workshops provided participants with transferable skills in the areas of communication and personal development and encouraged them to look at engineering in a wider context and consider the impact of engineering on society.

The course was delivered in a series of workshops during 2009 and 2010 at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London.

The Training Group allowed me to more clearly and simply communicate complex scientific terms and concepts in ways which engage the public and the layman.

Lee Burton
PhD Student at the University of Bath’s Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies, Cohort 2