Our clients

AEA/RCUK (Research Councils UK)
Provision of all training for the Researchers in Residence scheme (funded by Research Councils UK and the Wellcome Trust). (2010-2012)

Delivery of a one-day ’Inside DNA Masterclass’. The session was delivered in partnership with ASDC (formerly Ecsite-uk), and was linked to the launch of ‘Inside DNA: a genomic revolution’. The masterclass was developed by At-Bristol on behalf of Ecsite-uk, with funding from the Wellcome Trust and support from the Sanger Institute. (2007)

Cardiff University
Development and delivery of an Engineering 4 Life Communication workshop, linked to an EPSRC STAGE Award held by Cardiff University. (2008)
Delivery of ‘Maths on Tour’ a one day, introductory PE workshop which was linked to Cardiff University’s EPSRC PPE funded Maths on Tour project. (2008)

Durham University
Development and delivery of a Science Communication Training workshop, delivered over two days, for staff and researchers at Durham University. The workshop was designed for participants who had already taken part in some public engagement activities previously. (2011)

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)
Development of a series of workshops about Public Engagement with Research, for those funded by EPSRC, delivered in partnership with the British Science Association. Each of the workshops was aimed at a specific audience, including: full-time academic researchers funded by EPSRC with at least 2 years post-doctoral research experience; and administrators working within Universities, supporting ESPRC-funded researchers. (2011)

HE STEM Programme
Delivery of a series of outreach sessions for the HE STEM Programme, funded by the IOP. Workshops took place at a number of different universities, who had applied to the HE STEM Programme to receive training for their researchers. Universities included: the University of Liverpool, Coventry University and Durham University.

IOP (Institute of Physics)
Development and delivery of an on-going series of ‘Doing Outreach’ & ‘Extending Your Outreach’ training sessions, for IOP members. (From 2006 to date).

LASSIE Network
Design and delivery of a Public Engagement workshop which was linked to the EU Framework 7 funded LASSIE Network, a large interdisciplinary training network in the field of solid state astrochemistry, established with the goal of addressing issues of relevance to the chemical evolution of the Universe. (2011)

MRC (Medical Research Council)
Public Engagement training designed to support MRC staff in Oxford who would be delivering activities at Cheltenham Science Festival. (2008)

Royal Academy of Engineering
A series of PE training courses for awardees from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s ‘Engineering Leadership Awards’ (ELAs) scheme. (2008 to 2010)

STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council)
Development and delivery of a series of Public Engagement training days, which were linked to  the Big Bang LHC (Large Hadron Collider) travelling exhibition. (2008)

University of Bath
Delivery of a programme of accredited public engagement modules for five cohorts of PhD students at the University of Bath’s EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Sustainable Chemical Technologies. (Including a raft of support, from: formalised teaching sessions, an annual summer school, and dedicated masterclasses to on-going mentoring). (2009 to 2014)

University of Bristol
Development and delivery of a Public Engagement day for Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) at the University of Bristol; coordinated through their Centre for Public Engagement. (2011)

University of Manchester Biomedical Imaging Institute
Development and delivery of a Public Engagement workshop for staff and researchers at the Institute (funded through an EPSRC PPE project). (2011)

The Wellcome Trust
Development and delivery of ‘Inside DNA Meet the Scientist’, a two day PE workshop delivered with ASDC (formerly Ecsite-uk). The workshop was linked to the ‘Inside DNA: a genomic revolution’ exhibition. It took place at At-Bristol. (2008)

The Training Group met the Inside DNA brief brilliantly, delivering a considered package of training that prompted reflection and sparked enthusiasm in equal measure.

Chris Stock
Wellcome Trust Researchers' Engagement